Metempsi Apparati (Traveller)

Consisting of an intricate combination of technological equipment, chemical stimulants, trance-programs, and finely tuned psychic functioning, the metempsi apparati is designed to dislocate the consciousness of the subject for reception into a foreign body. Principally consisting of a growth tank and sensory isolation chamber with integrated medical instruments, the apparati is predicated upon the induction of the subject into a meditative state wherein their psi functioning automatically begins the process of transferring cognitive processes to the waiting neural networks of the host body. Prior to the process, an awaiting organism is artificially grown and maintained in a cloning tank before being transferred out into a reception chamber immediately prior to the "metempsichosis." From there, the subject is placed into a sealed float tank and has intravenous tubing attached to their body. Once closed, the suspended nature of the interior coupled with hypno-conditioning projected on the ceiling and obscene doses of psi-drugs promote an intensely meditative state in which all sense of bodily awareness ceases. After an indeterminate amount of time for the subject, or 1 hour objectively, the subject's unconscious mind finishes the transfer based on subliminals encoded in the previous conditioning (alternatively, the necessary reflexes are neuronally-encoded prior to the procedure). From then on, the subject now controls the designated host body as naturally as they did their previous one. All mental characteristics of the subject are retained, with physical characteristics being derived from their new body accordingly.

The metempsi apparati taxes the body and mind a great deal. When used, the subject must make an END check. Failure indicates that the process must be aborted and delays future attempts for a period of 30 days minus the subject's Psi. Upon a successful jaunt, the subject is disoriented for a period of 30 days as their psyche adapts to a foreign form. Whenever the subject uses a skill during the period, they must make an EDU test or be unable to use the skill in that instance. Due to this and other factors, most who have undergone the procedure remain in hospice for an additional length of time after the procedure. Despite rumors, it is not known if the process can accidentally leave a free-standing consciousness.

The excessive cost of the metempsi process lies largely in the depth of research required to understand the nature of the brain and its paranormal capacities. In high-TL campaigns, the cost of the apparati may be reduced to MCr 1 and the price of the procedure reduced to 100,000 Cr. This more accurately reflects the cost of machines, biomatter, drugs, tailoring, and other such factors. In comparison to mechanical methods of mind transfer, such as brain-taping, the metempsi process is typically considered supreme at effecting full transfer of awareness rather than just memories or other capacities. Use of the process is almost entirely culture dependent. Typical purposes include creating false identities, acquiring improved physical skills, altering age, or in the most complex civilizations, recreation.