Evergreen, Anagathics (Traveller)

Originally derived from the nigh-transcendent biotech of the Jonori, Evergreen skirts the boundaries of anagathic tech as it brings the aging process to not just a halt, but a reversal. Tuned to plantoid biology, the condensed liquid slurry incorporates expendable nanotech to repair cellular damage and effectively reduce the user's biological age during its duration. Now considered quaint in the paradise-worlds of its origin and maddeningly miraculous amidst the rest of civilized space, Evergreen finds limited but steady production among high TL worlds that specialize in medical technology. The limited but consistent market for Evergreen has led to variants of the formula for other sophont biologies being engineered by megacorps and kit-bash labs alike. Long-term users tend to supplement this drug with "stalling" anagathics in an effort to save money and age.